Case study inverse trigonometry 2 chapter 2 class 12

Case study Chapter 2 (Inverse Trigonometry)

Case study 2:- Read the following and answer the question.(Case study inverse trigonometry 1)

Case study inverse trigonometry 2
Two men on either side of a temple 30 metres high observes

  Two men on either side of a temple 30 metres high observes its top at the angles of elevation α and β respectively. (as shown in the figure above). the distance between the two men is 40√3 metres and the distance between the first person A and the temple is 30√3 metres.

(i) ∠CAB = α =

(a) \sin^{-1}\frac{2}{\sqrt{3}}     (b)  \sin^{-1}\frac{1}{2}

(c) \sin^{-1}2                                   (d) \sin^{-1}\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}

(ii) ∠CAB = α =

(a) \cos^{-1}(\frac{1}{5})                 (b) \cos^{-1}(\frac{2}{5})

(c) \cos^{-1}\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}       (d) \cos^{-1}(\frac{4}{5})

(iii) ∠BCA = β = 

(a) \tan^{-1}(\frac{1}{2})            (b) \tan^{-1}2

(c) \tan^{-1}(\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}})             (d) tan^{-1}\sqrt{3}

(iv) ∠ABC = 

(a) π/4                       (b) π/6

(c) π/2                         (d) π/3

(v) Domain and range of \cos^{-1}x are respectively

(a) (-1, 1), (0, π)                (b) [-1, 1], (0, π)

(c) [-1, 1], [0, π]                 (d) (-1, 1), [-π/2, π/2]

Solution :We have

(i) Answer (b)

Now in ΔABD (right angled)

\tan\alpha =\frac{BD}{AD}= \frac{30}{30\sqrt{3}} = \frac{1}{sqrt{3}}

\Rightarrow \tan\alpha = \tan 30^{\circ}

\Rightarrow \alpha = 30^{\circ}

\Rightarrow \sin \alpha = \sin 30 = \frac{1}{2}

\Rightarrow \alpha =\sin^{-1}(\frac{1}{2})

(ii) Answer (c) 

We have from (i)

\alpha = 30^{\circ}

\Rightarrow \cos\alpha = \cos 30 = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}

\Rightarrow \alpha = \cos^{-1}(\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}

(iii) Answer (d)

In right ΔBCD, we have

\tan\bete = \frac{BD}{DC}

\Rightarrow \tan\beta = \frac{30}{10\sqrt{3}}=\frac{3}{\sqrt{3}}=\sqrt{3}

\Rightarrow \beta = \tan^{-1}(\sqrt{3})

(iv) Answer (c)

ΔABC, we have,

∠ABC + ∠BAC  +  ∠ACB = 180°

⇒  ∠ABC + α + β = 180°

⇒  ∠ABC + 30 + 60 = 180

⇒  ∠ABC = 90

⇒  ∠ABC = π/2

(v) Answer (c)


\cos^{-1}x = y \Rightarrow x =\cos y

-1\leq \cos y\leq 1 \Rightarrow -1\leq x \leq 1

Domain =[-1, 1]

0\leq y \leq \pi

Range = [0, π]

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